The Tipsy Botanists

The Tipsy Botanists are a unique pop-up bar, based in Bath, serving wild cocktails using seasonal, local ingredients. Email

The Bartlett Street Party


A few Saturdays ago we were at the top of Bartlett Street, celebrating the unveilingĀ of the new Bartlett Street Quarter sign.
We served a yummy selection of mocktails for the days events and ate lots of cake, and had our hair braided by the lovely team at Number Three hair salon!

The mocktails we served were…

Ginger and Elderflower Spritzer

Cranberry and Raspberry Cooler

Apple and Elderflower Smash
Fresh Blackberry Lemonade


DIY: Rose Petal Syrup.


Rose petal syrup is great for a floral cocktail staple, you can add it to make your own cocktail creations or simply add to your G&T to add a fresh botanical to compliment the gin.

Preferably use homegrown roses or if not make sure you purchase unsprayed roses. Make sure you also smell the flower before purchasing if the flower has little or no scent neither will your syrup. To catch the roses at there most fragrant pick opening flowers early in the morning.

For 600ml

250g fresh rose petals

450g caster sugars

500ml water

freshly squeezed juice of 1 lemon

Remove all the white bases from the petals as it tends to be bitter and can spoil the syrup

Soak the petals in water with half of the sugar over night or 6 hours to release the flavour

After the petals have been steeped add the rose petals and water into the pan with the rest of the sugar and slowly heat untilĀ all the sugar has dissolved.

Add in the lemon juice then continue the heating just below boiling point for around 20 minutes, turn up the heat for one minute and let simmer then turn off completely and leave to cool

Strain into sterilised bottles and seal, keep refrigerated and the syrup lasts for two months!

Happy making!


Who we are.

11800985_10205770972811290_1298537784_oWho we are.


Originally from Chelsea, I moved to Bath when I was 3. I was lucky enough to grow up around flowers and play in some of the most beautiful gardens in the south west. Naturally I trained to be a florist and worked for serval different businesses including Talulah rose flower school, Selfridges and Rebel rebel. Whilst training I picked up a part time job in a cocktail bar to fund my way through school, this is where I trained in bar tending and met Georgina. I currently live in Larkhall in Bath with my two dachshunds and in my spare time I enjoy foraging, photography and growing my own flowers on my allotment. My favourite cocktail is a english garden (heavy on the elderflower) for the sunnier days.


Bath born and bred, I have grown up around good food and drink with an artistic background. Working in the Bath service industry since I was 16 and I trained to be a bar tender from the age of 18 this is where I found a passion for infusing and creating my own cocktails. I love local produce, I spend my saturdays at my local farmers market, I always love to chat to my growers and find everything I can about the fruit and veg! You can usually find me drinking a good wine with friends (including my cats!) My favourite cocktail has to be a Vespa martini.

We realised we could gel both our passions together to create The Tipsy Botanists, we believe in making things taste, smell and look beautiful. We not only aim to sell but also teach cocktail creation and the art of making it yourself to everyone. We want to make mixology accessible and not just the people behind the bar in waist coats!